We offer After Work Rentals for a special price. Please call/text 435-640-0744 to schedule that special!
We rent Jet Skis in pairs. You can rent 2 Jet Skis or 4 Jet Skis for up to 5 days!

New 170GTI Sea Doo Jet Skis

These bad boys skip over the water at 60 mph and have 170 horsepower. These are for experienced responsible riders. We offer clean and newly built machines for you to have a great time with family and friends.


We require the following before you receive access to the rental.: 
- Drivers License
-Credit Card on File
- Vehicle Registration
- Online Waiver Signed
-Boaters License for Utah


We only rent to repsonsible experienced riders. Our machines are more powerful than the standard Jet Skis. We also require that the renters be 18+ of age. If you are having friends or family ride the rental, they need to fill out the waivers as well. 

After Work Rentals

Want to have some fun after work. Call us at 435-640-0744 to rent a Jet Ski for a few hours after work for a discounted price!

Life Jackets

We offer life jackets for rent for you, family or friends if needed. This way the everyone can be safe and follow standard lake rules and regulations.

Delivery & Pickup

We offer Delivery and Pickup for local area's only. If you do not have a vehicle that can tow the trailer, we are here for you. Delivery will be at 9:00 am that day and the same day pickup will be at 5:00 pm. If you choose to have the rental overnight, the pickup the next day is 8am. 

Booking Options

We request that you book at least one day in advance. We book Jet Ski's in pairs, so we have the option of renting 2 Jet Ski's or 4 Jet Ski's. Pricing includes Insurance & Trailer. We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If canceled within 24 hours there will be a $50 fee. We would prefer a heads-up of a cancellation within 1 week.  Feel free to reach out to us if you need to reschedule your rental.

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